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BleemSync 1.2.0


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Feb 15, 2020
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BleemSync 1.2.0
BleemSync! The ultimate modding tool for the PlayStation Classic

BleemSync v1.2 Release Notes

  • Added Network support
  • Added Folder support with on-console Folder app
  • Added on-console Game Manager app
  • Updated RetroArch to 1.7.8
  • Fixed issues with transfer tool and pbp files
  • Improved transfer tool serial identification
  • Fixed issue with RetroArch playlist generator
  • Fixed stock emulator multi-disc launching issue
  • Added new settings variables to web UI
  • Added new settings variables to settings menu
  • Modified settings menu to dynamically load modifiable variables from file

Q. Does 1.1 improve USB compatibility?
A. YES – As of 1.1 we now provide OTG support which now means there is NO compatibility issues with USBs when running from an OTG adapter.

Q. Does this software modify my PS Classic?
A. Yes – This does mean that you have to install a very small payload to your console (2mb and 11 files). However this is completely safe and unless you hooked the PSC to the pc and tried to telnet to it, you wouldn’t know the difference. If you have no USB devices attached with the payload installed, it will boot like stock. The purpose of the payload is to enable FTP,TELNET,RDNIS, exFAT and NTFS drive support. You can still run older versions of BleemSync WITH the payload installed.

Q. What does backup do?
A. Backup will create upgrade packages, containing your partitions. As those upgrade packages will need signatures to get installed, the signatures are created as well and attached to the debug packages. To ensure, one does not accidentally try to restore a backup created from another console, the signature key is again encrypted with a unique key for each console. The backups are created under


There are three kinds of backups:

  • LBOOT.EPB: Backup of the main partition (ROOTFS1), user data partition, kernel partition and trusted zone
  • LRECOVERY.EPB: Backup of the recovery partition (ROOTFS2), recovery kernel and recovery trusted zone
  • LBOOT_KERNEL.EPB: Backup of only the main kernel and the trusted zone
Q. How do I backup?

During boot Bleemsync Bootloader will check, if Backups are already present. If not, all backups are created. You can also force creation of a new backup with the following flags:

  • /media/bleemsync/flags/BACKUP_MAIN
  • /media/bleemsync/flags/BACKUP_RECOVERY
  • /media/bleemsync/flags/BACKUP_KERNEL

Q. What does restore do?
A. Restore will restore one of your backups. It uses the built in updater by SONY to do so.

Q. How do I restore?
A. Restore is triggered through the restore flags:

  • /media/bleemsync/flags/RESTORE_MAIN
  • /media/bleemsync/flags/RESTORE_RECOVERY
  • /media/bleemsync/flags/RESTORE_KERNEL
Please note: Restore will apply the complete backup as it is. This means your PSC will be set to the same state as when the backup was created. All your settings, customizations and savegames that are on userdata WILL BE LOST.

Q. HELP!!! My PSC does not boot after restore!
A. Overall this should not happen, as there is a verification before a backup gets flashed. However, there still may be some reasons why this may happen:

  • Backup got corrupted
  • Power loss during restore
  • Brown Out of USB drive
If such a case happens but you kept your backup save at another location there is no need to panic!

The PSC uses FASTBOOT as a last resort if any backup flashing went wrong. Fastboot needs the raw partition image in order to restore. Therefore you need to do the following steps:

  • Extract your EPBs (LBOOT, LRECOVERY) with a ZIP tool of your choice. It will extract the following files:
    • boot.img (for LBOOT and LRECOVERY)
    • tz.img (for LBOOT and LRECOVERY)
    • rootfs.ext4 (for LBOOT and LRECOVERY)
    • userdata.ext4 (for LBOOT)
  • Open your PSC and connect the two big points above the “LM-11” text with a paperclip
  • Connect the PSC to the USB of your PC
  • Use fastboot to flash the partitions
In Linux/Mac one can use the following shell script if fastboot is in your path:

fastboot flash BOOTIMG1 BOOT/boot.img
fastboot flash TEE1 BOOT/tz.img
fastboot flash ROOTFS1 BOOT/rootfs.ext4
fastboot flash USRDATA BOOT/userdata.ext4
fastboot flash BOOTIMG2 RECOVERY/boot.img
fastboot flash TEE2 RECOVERY/tz.img
fastboot flash ROOTFS2 RECOVERY/rootfs.ext4
dd bs=1 if=/dev/zero of=misc.img count=16
fastboot flash MISC misc.img
fastboot reboot
rm -rf BOOT RECOVERY misc.img


Expand-Archive LBOOT.EPB.zip -DestinationPath "BOOT"
Expand-Archive LRECOVERY.EPB.zip -DestinationPath "RECOVERY"
.\fastboot.exe flash BOOTIMG1 BOOT\boot.img
.\fastboot.exe flash TEE1 BOOT\tz.img
.\fastboot.exe flash ROOTFS1 BOOT\rootfs.ext4
.\fastboot.exe flash USRDATA BOOT\userdata.ext4
.\fastboot.exe flash BOOTIMG2 RECOVERY\boot.img
.\fastboot.exe flash TEE2 RECOVERY\tz.img
.\fastboot.exe flash ROOTFS2 RECOVERY\rootfs.ext4
.\fastboot.exe flash MISC misc.img
.\fastboot.exe reboot
Get-ChildItem "BOOT","RECOVERY" -Recurse | Remove-Item -Recurse "BOOT","RECOVERY"
Q. I don’t like the new splash, boot menu or stock UI. Can I change?
A. Yes you can change this in the bleemsync Configuration in BleemSync UI. You can also swap out all the splashscreen images, themes etc

Q. I don’t like the new RetroArch theme.
A. Are you mad? Anyway, you can change it to monochrome in the RetroArch display settings

Q. Can I run different console games via the Stock UI with RetroArch in 1.1?
A. No – this is planned for future release. You can set an option to launch PS1 games via RA PCSX via the stock UI

Q. Can I use PBP with the stock PCSX emulator and not just the RA PCSX?
A. Yes – As shown here

Q. Why am I getting a “Not all binary files were selected, or they are misnamed.” error?
A. The filename in the cue file must match the spelling and case of the bin file exactly. filename.BIN must be spelled exactly that way in the cue.

Q. I connected my PSC to my computer and it turns on, but I don’t even hear the “device connected” sound, and nothing new shows up in Device Manager.
A. You might be using a power-only USB cable. Try a different cable.

Q. I changed the boot routine so it no longer boots to the boot menu. How can I now access the BleemSync UI?
A. Connect the PSC to the PC without the HDMI plugged in and it will boot to the bleemsync UI

Q. Can I drag games in like I did before and it work?
A. YES – Please refer to the new drag’n’drop method documented above

Q. Can I change the art work?
A. Yes, drag and drop the image of your choice in the cover square.

Q. Power button is not working in RA.
A. It wasn’t working properly, so that functionality has been pulled out for now.

Q. Dual Shock is not working.
A. It does in RA, it doesn’t in Bleemsync

Q: How do I add multidisc games to BleemSync?
A: For games in bin/cue: Make sure all of the files are in the same folder. Select all of the bin and cue files. The amount of discs you have must match the original game or it will confuse the scraper. Ex: Lunar Silver Star Story Complete has 2 game discs and a 3rd documentary disc. You must still have the 3rd disc for the scraper to recognize it.
For games in pbp format: simply select the game.

Q. How do I add a multiple discs game in PBP?
A. Just make a PBP per each disc. Then, add them all at once from Bleemsync web browser UI

Q. Connecting a USB to the front port leaves me with only one free port. Can I connect a USB HUB so I can play multiplayer games?
A. Yes

Q. Where can I get the RNDIS driver for windows or mac. It won’t detect?

Q. Where are the license and legal stuff?
A. Here: https://modmyclassic.com/license-agreements/ (If you think something is missing please let us know and we can add it in)

Q. What are the SSH login details?
A. HOST: USERNAME: root PASSWORD: Not Required PORT: 22

Q. What are the FTP login details?
A. HOST: USERNAME: root PASSWORD: Not Required PORT: 21

Q. What are the Telnet login details?
A. HOST: USERNAME: root PASSWORD: Not Required PORT: 23

BleemSync 1.2.0 - DOWNLOAD HERE
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