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Project Eris 0.9.5


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Feb 15, 2020
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Project Eris 0.9.5

Project ERIS v0.9.5 upgrade is now live! (new RA, bug fixes, new BT feature)

Hi all just to let you know that PE v0.9.5 is now live. The main update inclusion is the latest 1.8.5 RetroArch build plus a bunch of fixes and optimisations on the code side. There is now the ability to manage your bluetooth controllers using an external desktop app. (Info to follow)


Release notes here:

- Added new Boot Menu- Fixed characters on wifi screen- Added localisation support for Boot Menu- Updated to latest RetroArch 1.8.5 (New DPI scaling)- Added inetD for remote bluetooth management- Few carousel improvements- Fixed a couple things with ES systems

RetroArch 1.8.5 release notes here: https://www.libretro.com/index.php/retroarch-1-8-5-released/

The most dramatic change with RA, is that they now employ DPI based scaling for menus so now the menus look more like 1080p instead of 720p. If you don't like this you can change it to the big and bulky way in the RA options.

Download – Project Eris v0.9.5 Full Package Download
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