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Project Lunar 1.0.5


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Feb 15, 2020
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Project Lunar 1.0.5


Project Lunar feature list
  • Add your own selection of SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis ROMS to your console with use on the stock UI
  • Manage your games, mods and configs via purpose built desktop PC application
  • Full NAND backups before any customisation
  • RetroArch bundled with Genesis GX Plus & PicoDrive. (MS,GG,MD,32X, MEGA CD support) (Also capable of playing other consoles by adding additional RetroArch cores)
  • Performance tweaks and boosts (fix lag issues) (1.0ghz > 1.344ghz, ZRAM compression, DRAM SWAP)
  • NAND (console only) and USB support
  • OTG support
  • exFat, NTFS, FAT32 filesystem support
  • Extended gamepad compatibility
  • USB2 and USB3 device support
  • Customisable boot menu with built-in additional option menu & network manager.
  • Ability to autoboot to selected boot items. (i.e. boot directly to stock UI)
  • Additional third-party controller support
  • Automatic Error recovery system (automatically reload to bootmenu if Stock E error occurs)
  • Launch boot menu or RetroArch from the Stock UI
  • EmulationStation support (optional mod package, USB only)
  • ‘Fix’ stock scanlines by toggling smoothing off within stock emulator
  • Bundled Wi-Fi support (Realtek 8188eu + 8187)
  • RA MD mini cores downloadable via RA using network adapter
  • RA scraper and EmulationStation scrapers work using network adapter
  • SSH/SFTP via RDNIS support
  • Boot menu, splashscreen and music are all customisable
  • Additional mod package support
Project Lunar Desktop App features

  • Easy to use interface to allow installation/removal of PL on console, and console management.
  • Bulk addition of ROMS
  • Zipped ROM support (.zip)
  • New MegaDrive/Genesis games integration is totally seamless in stock UI, with a scraping function providing description, cover art, spine, release year, developer, players, icons, etc. for (almost) every game.
  • Automatic IPS patching within desktop app
  • ScreenScraper, TheGameDB scraper support. (Scrape all the details, cover art, and metadata for your games online when adding them)
  • Automatic spine art generator. If spine art doesn’t exist, PL will generate it for you
  • Mod management. List, add and remove consoles mod via the mod management tool
  • Customise stock UI/Emulator features
  • Interactive assistant to assist users with the install of Project Lunar
  • Easy sync to either NAND or USB
  • Recovery mode (for console repair situations)
  • Automatic update checks. Every time game manager is opened, it will check for console updates online.

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